By: Savannah Pica (Southern Femme intern)

While interning in New York last summer I met an incredible and inspiring person, John Dingee.   John traveled abroad to Ghana in the fall of 2008 to study art and culture.  But what impacted him more than his program was the warm and friendly people in the village of Ampento.  For 3 weeks the people of Ampento treated him like family, striving to meet his every need…let’s be honest a completely selfless act for people that are lacking so much.  When he asked them how he could repay them for their tremendous hospitality they said the thing they longed for most was simply a school, something we Americans definitely take for granted.

John is on a quest to fulfill their need for a school and to do see he started a website called 5Cee Clothing.  The website collects and sells donated clothes and other items and even includes free shipping!  All proceeds go directly to the The Rural Ashanti Development Fund to raise the goal amount of $20,000 by April 1, 2010.  In a short amount of time, 5Cee has already raised over $4,000!

But more money needs to be raised, thus more clothes need to be sold… so go through your closet and I’m sure you can find a piece or two that you can part with and donate to such a worthy cause.  OR purchase something fabulous from  5Cee, either way you’ll be a part of helping the children of Ampento have the school they so rightly deserve.  By this summer John plans to fulfill his promise and travel back to Ghana and build the school for the African village.

Now admire some of the clothes from 5Cee at the 2009 Beauty Beyond Borders Fashion Show…

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