Happy Summer! Last week I enjoyed some much needed rest & relaxation after a coaching retreat in Scottsdale, AZ.  While the retreat provided me with new, inspiring techniques to help my clients get all they desire and more, afterwards I … Continue reading

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As a Style Coach, it is obvious that shopping is one of my favorite pastimes.  But something I love almost as much as shopping is traveling!  How do I travel in style without stress?  With the help of the amazing … Continue reading

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Almost all of my clients over 50 tell me the same thing when we start talking about their wardrobe and personal style. They feel uninspired…stuck in a rut…uncertain about their purchasing decisions…and ultimately they just feel inclined to throw in the … Continue reading

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Fashion fades. Style is eternal.”–YSL While personal style is unique, there are certain types of style that are universal. Something I see all of the time when working with both my VIP and Style Yourself Chic clients on defining their personal style … Continue reading

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Do you sometimes feel uncertain if you are dressing appropriately for your age? Does it feel like you just don’t know where to shop for your age? Do you worry that you look like you are “trying too hard” when you get … Continue reading

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